Four Arrested in Connection with Texas Wholesaler’s Death

suspects were arrested in Houston, Texas, on April 28 in connection with a
theft and hit-and-run
that left jewelry wholesaler Arif Sayed dead, according
to local news sources

to The Huntsville Item, four Columbian nationals—Fernado
Rodriguez-Amaya, Luis Garcia-Campos, Oscar Ruiz Garcia, and Maria Silva—were
charged with murder and theft.

bond was set at $1.5 million each. The four suspects are believed to be
illegally in the United States.??The
theft occurred April 17 in Hunstville, Texas. Sayed stopped at a McDonalds on
his way back to Dallas, after attending a jewelry show in Houston.??Sayed tried to intervene when he
noticed the suspects attempted to steal his merchandise. Sayed grabbed the bumper
of the suspect’s van and was eventually run over. He was airlifted to Memorial
Hermann Hospital in Houston and died April 19.

to The Huntsville Item, police believe the suspects followed Sayed from
the jewelry show, waiting for an opportunity to steal his merchandise. The
thieves are believed to part of a South American theft group.

JCK could not reach Huntsville Police
for comment.

The Jewelers Security Alliance posted the following statement on its crime message board: “Once again law enforcement acted swiftly to apprehend criminals who have demonstrated a complete lack of respect for human life. Unfortunately, the highly commendable work of the FBI and local
authorities will not bring back the life of this victim. We can all
speculate why the victim chose to confront the criminals as he did, and
perhaps some may even applaud his actions as heroic. However, I
respectfully submit that the victim’s life was certainly more valuable
than the items of jewelry he may have had in his car.”

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