Fortunoff Claims Jewelry Store, Site Infringe Trademark

Fortunoff Brands is suing a jewelry company it claims it is infringing on its trade and service marks.

The web site in question,, at press time had the words "Fortun-off" at its top. The suit claims the site’s logo as well as an associated retail store in Westbury, Long Island, has a logo with the same "distinctive font" as the original Fortunoff. The suit claims the store operates across the street from the Mall at the Source, which was the home of the original Fortunoff flagship, and site of a future Fortunoff furniture store.

Listed as defendants are "Ex Fortune-Jewelry," "USA Jewelry and Diamond Corner," "Cash for Gold," and "Cash for Diamonds." "Cash for Gold" is not the same company as Cash4gold, based in Pamplano Beach, Fla. 

The suit claims it has sent the company two cease and desist letters. It says the store’s sign was eventually changed to "Fortun Gold Jewelry," without altering the font.

Fortunoff Brands purchased the "Fortunoff" trademarks after the original chain went into bankruptcy. It is currently opening six "Fortunoff"-branded furniture stores through an agreement with Furniture Concepts. Fortunoff family members have said Fortunoff-branded jewelry stores are an "area of interest" in the future.

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