Former Signet Chief Operating Officer Joins Stuller

Bryan Morgan, the Harvard MBA who abruptly resigned from Signet in June, has joined Stuller as chief systems and technology officer.

Morgan will oversee the Lafayette, La.–based company’s information technology infrastructure and Gemvision operations.

Before joining Stuller, Morgan held a variety of executive positions at Signet and management roles with the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and General Mills. He holds a bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Morgan worked for a decade at Signet and was sometimes considered a possible future Signet CEO. But he abruptly resigned from the retailer during this year’s JCK Las Vegas, after serving only a few months in the chief operating officer role.

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6 responses to “Former Signet Chief Operating Officer Joins Stuller”

  1. good year Tire, General mills, Signet I doubt if he is any good, too many places. Also abruptly resigned from signet as a COO to this is a huge red flag.

  2. There is alot of corporate changes for Signet, I just saw their fall Holiday catalog…they seem to lack the confidence that Stock market has shown over the course of 9 months. Sales are soft and I predict their holiday season will be dismal. The fact they sold their credit to a 3rd party will not help them push forward, it will in fact hinder as credit cards becoming increasingly tight in their lending practices

    • You are right randy, They are lacking confidence and freshness and are unable to catch up with the internet sales. It shows poor leadership and not the right moves. They first need to close a lot of stores that keep competing like zales and kays. same design, same drama, same malls and dead merchandise.

      First they need truly fresh, innovative and non ass kissing management or else there will be a constant decline in sales till they are forced to close stores due to lack of sales. They need awesome leadership that thinks out of the box. All the current ones need to go or take a back seat.

      • well, all new expansion for Kays will no longer be in a mall setting, they will be free standing like their Jared concept, but they aren’t doing well because the quality of the merchandise. And the Kay Brand are considered a middle of the road operation. Their top sellers are leaving droves because it is no longer a fun business, they lower the amount of your available commission you can make, it was only a .05%, NOW MOST ONLY GET .025%, its about quotas and maximizing the sales with people who had border line credit to begin with…and lets be frank credit drove their business, that was one thing Mark Light tried to maintain prior to his ousting.

  3. For sure the place is a mess and soon to be a Zale past . Soon to repeat what happen to Zales decade ago. Just wait the time is soon. What a shame took on too much and bought up everyone with the greed. Many companies broken apart because of the UK greed of having all the market. Signet UK step back. Sterling should have stood by its self and keep the US dollars in US. Now they own Zales, Gordon’s, Kay’s, Jared’s, Pagoda , Roger’s, JB Robinsons, Shaw’s, Ultra Diamonds, and many more can not even list them all. Not good for any of us in the industry.

    • The transition for their credit is pissing off alot of customers, Comenity and Genesis got their work cut out for them, in MI the APR is 26.99…because they are third party it makes it hard to see what the customer is really qualified for. I will give you this, they are the kings of illusion and the markup is ridiculous. To sale a sterling silver diamond bracelet with 1/20 ctw for $419 is highway robbery..and shoppers are becoming much more savvy. Even the Neil Lane Collection is I1-I2 clarity all day, it just junk and 70% of your so called fine Jewelry is set in sterling silver or 10k gold.

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