Follow Up: Marketing

As Toni Rumore already noted, recently there has been some interesting cross germination of marketing campaigns going on in consumer magazines.


Now, while on vacation last week I was thumbing through a men’s magazine (that shall remain nameless) in the airport and noticed the advertisement below.





Interesting how easily Budweiser implanted their image onto that of Bulloc, but you can’t help but feel that in this case Bulloc got the short end of the stick, though the better part of the page. The Bulloc name is almost completely covered on the face of the watch and though visible above, the Bud Crown is just a bit overbearing.


One can’t fault Bulloc for wanting to get in on the wealth that is consumable (read ingestible) consumer products (in this case alcohol) but this ad also makes you wonder how far people will go to make a buck/get a bit of exposure in a new market. Is Budweiser trying to seem more upscale? Is Bulloc trying to reach a more mainstream audience? The former, in my opinion, would be a waste of time; I’m a Maker’s man myself. And the latter would seem a bit misleading since the watch shown will set you back an ice-cold $3,850.


My conclusion? Whereas everyone can appreciate the witticism of the Honora/Fage ads, this example leaves you not knowing very much about either brand except that they have a pretty good designer in their midst.