Flower Buds Are Springing Up From Samsares Jewelry

Though I can’t honestly label this winter a properly harsh one (it’s had its fair share of cold days, but unseasonably warm ones, too) now is the time of year when the mind and body absolutely aches for spring. Maybe these spring-like days make things worse—I get so close to putting that winter coat away, but I know better than to believe the rising temperatures are here to stay. Still, we’re getting close, and the sight of flower buds brings hope and anticipation, a sure sign that a more hospitable season is on its way.

While Washington, D.C.’s, famed cherry blossoms aren’t too far from budding, the Flower Bud line from Samsares is here and now—and it’s a wonderful and welcome sight.

I had an inkling I’d be a fan of Samsares based on the first three words of its brand description alone: luxury, Swiss, jewelry—three words that all bring instant happiness to yours truly.

Samsares white opal Flower Bud rings
Flower Bud rings in 18k rose gold with white opal

That Samsares makes its goods from sustainably sourced materials (and the fact that those goods are covet-worthy) seals the deal.

The Flower Bud line comes in four sizes—extra large, large, medium, and small—with a variety of gemstones. Its range of sizes and stones means you can mix and match in stacks, creating an array of looks that can change from day to day. I like the rings in groups, but think one would look great on its own, too—or better yet, in a stack of glittering rose gold bands (because I guess I have cherry blossoms on the brain, so bring on all things pink).

Samsares Flower Bud amazonite and opal rings
Flower Bud rings in 18k rose gold with white opal and amazonite

The retail price for the rings ranges from $1,800 to $5,200, depending on the size of the ring and the gemstone featured.

Samsares doesn’t have a huge online presence in the states at the moment, but the Swiss company is fresh off its exhibition at JCK Tucson, so I’m hoping that more of it is in our future. And with it, more Flower Buds—can you just picture a stack of these in a rainbow of pastel colors? Delightful.

Top: Flower Bud rings with pink opal, prices on request

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