Florida’s Be On Park Named 2017 LUXURY Retailer of the Year

After an Oscars-inspired tease declaring the winner La La Land, on June 4 Reed Jewelry Group industry vice president Sarin Bachmann revealed the 2017 LUXURY Retailer of the Year: Be On Park.

The Winter Park, Fla., fine jeweler was one of five finalists, including Oklahoma City’s BC Clark Jewelers; Jack Lewis Jewelers of Bloomington, Ill.; Talisman Collection of El Dorado Hills, Calif.; and Worthmore Jewelers of Decatur, Ga. (Previous LUXURY ROTY winners include Crocker’s Jewelers, J.R. Dunn, and Schmitt Jewelers.)

After the reveal, BJH Group’s Bruce Himelstein (pictured above) shared a bit of wisdom gleaned during his many years with the Ritz-Carlton: Luxury customers aren’t easy to spot (they wear “torn jeans with $300 Gucci flip-flops,” he said); strange bedfellows can be the best kind (e.g., Kohl’s and Vera Wang); and “great service” isn’t enough: “Jiffy Lube gives great service.” 

(Pictured at top: Bachmann, second from left, with Be On Park’s Janice and David Blumberg and Matina Williams)