Florida Jewelry Salesman Allegedly Faked Theft

A jewelry salesman who claimed he was robbed of $500,000 in diamonds has been charged with grand theft for his allegedly false report, according to the Martin County’s Sherrif’s Office.


Henry Froats, 30, was said to have told police that, that while he was changing a flat tire on the Interstate-95 in Florida, he was robbed at gunpoint of his wallet, cell phone and the diamonds.


However, an examination of Froats’ trunk showed a briefcase with a computer, diamonds and a cell phone and SIM card, according to Sherrif’s arrest report. Froats then admitted the phone was his and the diamonds were the ones he had reported stolen, the report said.

Froats was charged with one court of Grand Theft over $100,000. He is currently being held on $40,000 bond.