Five Reasons Why Jewelers Should Pay Attention to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

For jewelers, understanding some of the key trends to come out of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is important in order to offer consumers the right jewels to accessorize. Here are five key MBFW points to note this week because they will affect your business next year:


* Know spring 2012 color trends in order to offer complementary colors of jewels. For example, the Pantone Institute named honeysuckle its color of 2011.


* Understand spring 2012 necklines to know appropriate necklace and earring styles to stock—such as stiletto drops for asymmetrical necklines (big necklaces will compete for attention).


* Familiarize yourself with designers’ fabric choices and silhouettes to know the scales and styles of jewelry that may complement them best (such as the oversize pendants of spring 2011 that anchored designers’ billowing garments).


* Understand how embellishments—think sequins—affect jewelry. Hint: Wear less to avoid the Christmas-tree effect.


* Comprehend the styles and eras at play in clothing in order to stock jewelry that nods to the tastes and inspirations du jour. For example, nod to the ever-popular 1970s with sautoirs and feather motifs. 


Fashion-Week-Inspired Jewels

A Toast to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and the Tools and Inspiration that Help Bring About New Couture


Little Rooms

Gold-plated bronze Stork Scissor ring; $50. Little Rooms

Sydney Evan

Safety Pin earrings in blackened 14k gold; $595. Sydney Evan  

Old World Chain

Corset cuffs in silver and 18k gold-plated silver; $375 apiece. Old World Chain

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