Fitbit May Soon Debut a Wearable for Young Kids

It looks like leading wearable brand Fitbit may soon debut a connected wearable device designed specifically for younger kids.

The company hasn’t confirmed this, but media outlet TechnoBuffalo ran “exclusive” photos of the would-be collection yesterday.

Fitbit has already dabbled in kids’ connected devices. In 2017, the brand debuted the Fitbit Ace—essentially a shrunken-down version of the popular adult Alta tracker in more eye-popping colors.

But if the new photos are genuine (and we have no reason to think they’re not), the brand is aiming for an even younger crowd this time. Graphics shown on the screens in the photos include alien ships and furry and friendly monsters. And the mixed colorways are bright and pleasantly juvenile feeling.

The build itself looks sturdy—and it would need to be to withstand the raucous realities of most 5- to 10-year-olds (I’m guessing on the target age range).

Fitbit kids wearable big
Top and above: Fitbit’s forthcoming kids wearable collection (photos courtesy of TechnoBuffalo)

The watch’s primary competition in the market would be Garmin’s Vívofit Jr., arguably the leading kids’ wearable, though no children’s wearable has become ubiquitous yet. The Vívofit Jr. also boasts cute digital graphics, i.e., a toothbrush for when it’s time to brush teeth and an hourglass as  an activity timer.

TechnoBuffalo didn’t have any information on the tracker’s functionality, but we see from the screen that there’s a digital clock and a step counter. Presumably, it will also have a notifier system, so parents can ping kids from their own phones, and a GPS—which, in my mind, is the primary reason to put a wearable on a kid: to keep up with their whereabouts!

The brand’s first kids wearable, the Fitbit Ace, tracks activity, sleep, steps, personal goals, and reminders to move throughout the day.

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