First Vendor Summit Held in Atlanta

The first Jewelry Vendor Summit brought together more than 18 nationally known manufacturers in Atlanta, GA on January 13, 2010 to discuss many of the critical issues facing jewelry manufacturers today.

Designed to serve as an outlet for manufacturers seeking guidance in today’s challenging economic climate, the event was organized by Jeff Unger, Alisa Unger Designs/B & N Jewelry and by Southern Jewelry Travelers Association / Atlanta Jewelry Show executive director, Carol Young.

Sponsored by Dunbar Armored, IJB, USA/Wexler, InStore Magazine, Malca Amit, and SJTA, The Atlanta Jewelry Show, the summit featured workshop style sessions led by business and jewelry industry experts such as Dr. Terry Dockery of the Business Psychology Company and by The Nielson Company, who hosted a session on current consumer buying habits and their impact on retailing and manufacturing. Additional roundtable discussions covered a variety of topics, and those that generated the strongest feedback included how to handle terms/credit, stock balancing and the decline of jewelry sales representatives entering the industry.

Plans are currently underway for the next vendor summit and details and dates will be announced soon. For more information about participating or additional details on the recently concluded event, contact Jeff Unger at 770.578.8745 or e-mail: