Fire Safety Tips from Jewelers Mutual

Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co. offers these six tips to help retailers review fire safety equipment, processes, and procedures in their business:

  • Ensure that you have the correct type and number of fire extinguishers. Be sure they are accessible and properly serviced by a reputable service contractor. Contact your local fire department if you have questions about the type, size, location, or number of extinguishers needed.
  • Familiarize your staff with the location of fire extinguishers, fire alarm system components, hazardous products, and emergency procedures. Be certain that your fire/smoke detection system is properly serviced and maintained so it can provide an early warning for occupants and local fire authorities. Last year, a faulty light ballast in a display case caused an after-hours fire in a retail jewelry store. Luckily, the fire detection system detected the fire, and fire crews were able to extinguish it quickly, minimizing the loss.
  • To reduce the potential of fire, explosion, and toxic leaks, review proper handling and storage for flammable/combustible liquids and compressed gases with all employees.
  • Conduct regular (at least monthly) inspections of your business to identify potential hazards.
    Invite your local fire department to join you and your staff for a walk through and ask for recommendations to help prepare your staff to act appropriately in the event of an emergency.
  • Make the most of National Fire Safety Month by reviewing fire and life safety procedures with your staff, as well as your family.

For more information, contact your local fire department, the National Fire Protection Association at, or Jewelers Mutual Loss Prevention Division at