Finlay is Closing … What Exactly?


There has been a lot of confusion about exactly what Finlay is up to.


This week, the company announced it was closing its Greensboro, North Carolina office, and moving its headquarters to New York. However, in this story, it was said that it was closing its Connecticut offices, and moving things to Greensboro. And this story suggested it was closing its New York offices. As one of our commenters says:


I had it on good authority Finlay WAS shuddering their NY offices and moving to Greensboro. Maybe a little interview with Art Reiner would help clear up allot of questions at this point.


So here is the official, and one assumes final, word from the company, via its PR rep … “[Finlay] never indicated they would be moving to Greensboro. Company plans to remain headquartered in NYC.”


As for how many stores the company is going forward with, the company declines comment. But it has said it’s closing at least 40. It also won’t comment on what stores those are.


Finally, I would love to interview Art Reiner. I’ve asked many times.

JCK News Director