Feminine Jewelry Styles


Flowers, feathers, and other types of girly details are evident on a number of designs this year. While some are definitely statement pieces, like Yvel’s one-off brooch or Siera Jewelry’s ring, pieces from Gumuchian’s new collection and items from Sylva & Cie offer an understated elegance that many consumers now want.


Retailers, are flowers a flop or selling out fast? Please tell me by way of the comment function.


Diamond jewelry from Sylva & Cie.

Dainty flower and star motifs in 18k gold with colored diamonds. Sylva & Cie at JCK Las Vegas.


Diamond and gold earrings from the Peacock collection.Diamond earrings from the Peacock collection.

The new Peacock collection features delicate feather-like motifs in 18k yellow and white gold, some with diamonds and colored stones. Gumuchian at JCK Las Vegas.


Pearl brooch from Yvel.

One-of-a-kind keshi pearl flower brooch in 18k gold. Yvel during JCK Las Vegas.


Diamond flower ring from Siera Jewelry.

Diamond-covered flower-motif ring in 18k gold. Siera Jewelry at JCK Las Vegas.


Colored stone and gold necklaces from Carolina Bucci.
Elisabetta in earrings from Carolina Bucci.Earrings from Carolina Bucci.
Pieces in the 1885 collection feature an oversize link motif with sapphire pave (1885 is the year that the company launched). Elisabetta is in the pics. Carolina Bucci during JCK Las Vegas.


Diamond and pearl earrings from Autore.
Diamond and pearl earrings from Autore.
From the Fire & Ice collection, white South Sea pearls are set with aquas, colorless, and highly included diamonds (for an ice effect) in 18k gold. Another pair of earrings from the same collection feature white South Sea pearls accented by diamond and sapphire pave in a flexible 18k gold setting. Autore at Baselworld.


Karat gold and gemstone locket from Stephen Webster.
Locket from Stephen Webster.

18k gold lockets feature diamond pave butterflies over a quartz cab with mother of pearl (the Crystal Haze effect). Stephen Webster at Baselworld.


Bracelet from Sevan.
My favorite Sevan piece to date: an 18k and sterling bracelet with colorful flowers carved into quartz with diamond and colored stone accents. I saw this piece during Baselworld and again at JCK Las Vegas. It’s a perfect fit on my wrist. I think I’ll place this photo in my jewelry box and pretend I own it. Sevan during JCK Las Vegas.


Gold jewelry from Ricardo Vera for for Old World Chain.

Intaglio on 18k gold. Ricardo Vera for for Old World Chain at JCK Las Vegas.



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