FDBD expressed ‘fear’ over ‘Supplier of Choice’ initiative

The Federation of Belgian Diamond Bourses (FDBD) in a recent meeting reiterated its concern over the Diamond Trading Company’s new sightholder policy.

At an FDBD meeting held in December, members expressed the same concerns that were voiced a month earlier. A statement issued by the FDBD after the most recent meeting clarified those concerns. “There is a real fear in Antwerp for the disturbance the DTC will create with its new ‘Supplier of Choice’ policy. Dealers and manufacturers are very worried about the future outlook of the diamond market.”

The statement continued: “It is the strong belief of the Federation of Belgian Diamond Bourses that in order to spread the distribution of rough to the widest possible circle of small- and middle-size manufacturers, which are the backbone of our industry, a multichannel supply through various independent traders is vital.”