Fashionista Smackdown: Gunn Vs. Kressley

Tim Gunn has taken over the role of point-man for fashion in the public conscience. Don’t believe me? Well, then ask Bravo’s head of programming and production, Frances Berwick, who announced that the Fab Five are officially … How does Heidi put it? … Oh, yes. Out!

“The unforgettable Fab Five have taken Bravo and viewers worldwide for an eye and mind-opening ride since they made their fabulous debut,” says Berwick. “We proudly watched as viewers embraced the series that really helped open the closet doors on gays and their presence on television and in popular culture. “

That all may be well & good, but their fifth & final season will air this summer so set your TiVos for your last glimpse of Kyan, Ted, Jai, Thom & Carson. Feel free to post a comment on which of the five you think will fall prey to the reality tv trap. Oh wait, Jai already went that route.

There is no word yet on when we will get our first taste of “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style” a series based on his book (pictured above) Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style.

“I’m practically delirious that Bravo has given me this incredible opportunity and together, we vow to redefine ‘makeovers,’ ” says Gunn. “This series aims to be one-part education and two-parts fun, and you’ll see me being a fashion therapist, not a svengali.”

No doubt that watchers will again have to have their Roget’s handy to keep up with the banter. This pending series does beg the question, are two shows with Tim Gunn on one network too much of a good thing? Is Bravo pushing its luck? ”Top Design” … does anyone care?

Back Story:
I’ve always held a special place in my heart for Carson Kressley. We were neighbors at one point & I never knew. While Carson was riding horses in Allentown, I was in high school in the birthplace of Wallace Stevens right down the road. Aside from Carson‘s equestrian endeavors, I would see him on Fire Island before “Queer Eye” blew up & he always seemed very pleasant, though I could never reconcile his personal style with my own sensibility.