Fashionista Smackdown: Baron Vs. Boss

While being Behind the Scenes at a Fashion Shoot with JCK’s Carrie Soucy was all about jewels, limos & intermittent crackberry fixes, it seems that things at Hugo Boss were a bit more focused on the transportation & someone’s ego or, shall we say a bit more “personality-driven.”

Fabian Baron will have to keep his day job as head of the French Vogue art directorate as Hugo Boss is ending Baron’s 13 year reign as artistic director of fashion advertising over his photo shoot demands. (We’ve all heard of pushy models, but this is rich.)

It seems that Baron insisted that he travel in a black Range Rover while on an upcoming shoot in Africa. Well, he will be sitting this one, & all future shoots, out in his office at Condé Nast France.

For a little frame of reference read Carrie’s post (linked above) where our art director, Todd Gast, played traffic cop & took a cab to Splashlight Studios.

I guess everything really is relative.