Faith Jewelry


Some of George Michael’s song lyrics insist that we possess the spiritual version, but I imagine that at least a few jewelry store owners would like us to also own a precious metal variety of faith, as in a symbol to wear. Just a few memorable pieces of religious jewelry surfaced at recent shows. I think the timing is right for some new faith designs, considering the tough economic times many consumers are experiencing. Here are the items I noticed.


Retailers, am I missing some wonderful faith-inspired design in this blog? Probably, since I can’t possibly see every designer in every show. Please tell me which faith designs you liked by weighing in on the comment function.


Sterling faith jewelry from Scott Kay.Wax carving from Scott Kay.
Angel cufflinks from Scott Kay's Faith collection.Sterling bracelet from Scott Kay.Sterling men's bracelet from Scott Kay.
Sterling pendant of Jesus from Scott Kay.

Oversize silver Christian symbols, like Jesus Christ, are part of the new A Collection of Faith by Scott Kay. Since many hip hop fans like religious jewelry, I think the unveiling of these designs is wisely timed considering the high cost of gold. They are also beautifully made (see the detail in the wax carving before a piece is cast). The angel motif cufflinks feature black sapphires. The phrase “Die Trying” on some pieces represents the designer’s attempts to do his very best, and does not mean the perceived negative hip hop phrase “get rich or die trying.” I particularly enjoyed the explanation from Dan Scott, Kay’s PR spokesman, for launching a spiritual line: “Scott is not trying to make Jesus Christ fashionable, but is trying to make a fashion piece that is spiritual.” Scott Kay during JCK Las Vegas.


Karat gold artifact jewelry from Robin Haley.Karat gold artifact jewelry from Robin Haley.
Religious-inspired pieces are sometimes cast from ancient artifacts. Robin Haley during JCK Las Vegas. See more from Robin Haley here.

Faith jewelry from David Yurman.Faith jewelry from David Yurman.

Some sterling faith designs feature stone inlay. David Yurman during JCK Las Vegas.



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