Facebook and Passion for Jewelry

Traditional marketing was based on approaches to a marketing mix (4P’s of price, product, place, and promotion) that was dominated by the preferences of suppliers. But this strategy has lost its relevance due to the power that customers now have in many relationships with vendors. This plays out in Facebook strategies as site sponsors take their cues from customers and don’t try to dominate or dictate the relationship. Really effective Facebook sites are built and developed by listening to customers. Consider how a jewelry store can create a vision for Facebook by truly listening to customers to identify their shared passion for jewelry. It is this passion for jewelry that will guide discussion threads and create further engagement in the store’s online

How can jewelers complement those thank-you cards that used to hang on a bulletin board and gain more exposure by getting customers to post those comments on Facebook? There are lots of stories that are worthy of being posted on a jewelry store’s Facebook site. Passion in jewelry is any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling for jewelry. What stories do your customers tell you about their desire for the emotions attached to jewelry? Customers want to read about these stories and tell others of their own fondness and enthusiasm for jewelry. This industry is based on this passion and Facebook is a very effective media to convey the passion your customers experience through your jewelry. What photos or videos might your customers provide you for use on Facebook? Consider how your customers would love to see really special moments such as wedding proposals or other events that includes the gifting of your jewelry. Now start to educate your customers of your interest in sharing “their stories” about how your jewelry has added to their lives. That’s where the real passion for jewelry can be found. 

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