Face Shapes + Earrings = More Sales

by Caroline Stanley

After reading about Face Shapes on Friday, I’m sure you’re wondering how you — as a retailer – can use the concept to help you sell more earrings.

Let me explain………… No… there is too much, let me sum up (in the immortal words from the Princess Bride).

Face shape is just ONE of the criteria that can help you assist your customer as they browse for earrings. It’s a starting point. If your customer has a face that falls into one of the standard categories: oval, inverted oval, round, narrow, inverted triangular, heart-shaped, triangular, diamond-shaped and square, you might show them earrings as outlined below, as a place to start.

Please remember: this is just of the iceberg — there are more criteria.

Here are a few thoughts on the various face shapes and earrings that may compliment them (there are many more in our book, Jewelry Savvy – especially what NOT to wear (and that may actually be more important!).

Oval Face: Most shapes work well for this face shape, depending on the length of your neck.
Round Face or Inverted Oval Face: Vertically elongated ovals or other shapes with some width and gently curved lines.
Narrow Face: Starbursts, flowers and other essentially round motifs are ideal.
Inverted triangular, Diamond-Shaped or Heart-Shaped Face: drop earrings
Triangular Face: If your jawline is rounded, follow the Round face suggestion. If your jawline is square, follow the Square faced suggestion.
Square Face: Shell shaped or vertically focused teardrop earrings work well.

You might be wondering what the other criteria are factors in to evaluating and choosing earrings based on your face shape. Nose, neck, ear placement and length of your neck all can play a part. Use the above as a starting place, have her try on a pair as described, plus a few more in similar styles — and see what works best on your particular customer.

Today’s Jewel
Face shape is one criteria you can consider to help your customer choose a pair of flattering earrings. Evaluate her face shape, use the general guides above as a starting point, and have her try on lots of earrings to see what works. Chances are, she’s never even thought about her face shape and would welcome an evaluation. One more reason for her to shop and buy from you!