Everybody Hates Tichina Arnold

Now, don’t get all crazy thinking that I dislike or am at all purporting to disparage the good name of Tichina Arnold and go filling my inbox with hate (e-)mail. I’ve loved Ms. Arnold since her days on Martin as Pam. For those that haven’t seen Everybody Hates Chris, the title of this post is an allusion to the show; each episode is titled “Everybody Hates fill in the blank.” Just thought I’d be clear. 

Moving on …

(Image courtesy of JAM’D)

… how good does she look?

And what is that on her finger?

Let’s zoom in.

(Image courtesy of JAM’D)

Just as I suspected. Erica Courtney brings us another red carpet stunner!

Green beryl (12.04 cts.) and diamond (1.55 cts.t.w.) cocktail ring in platinum, by Erica Courtney. Retail price is $31,200.

What a great choice! Honestly, the all grey ensemble that Arnold chose definitely needed a punch of color. And if you’re going to go with one statement piece on the red carpet, Erica Courtney should be on your short list of go to designers. I say well done!

One thing though … I’m not partial to the black ribbon on the dress. I find it distracting and I’m not sure how it helps the dress, but I could be wrong.

I defer to Tim on such matters.

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