Ethical Online Retailer Fashionkind Launches Jewelry-Centric Capsule Collection

Fashionkind, a new e-commerce site founded by Instagram influencer and University of Pennsylvania graduate Nina Farran, partners with fashion, jewelry, and accessories brands to retail high-style products that promote ethical, ecofriendly production avenues.

The site, which launched last year with a spate of products from brands including Maiyet, A Peace Treaty, and NYC-based jewelry brand Bel & Skar, recently launched its first-ever capsule collection featuring 30 pieces from 11 ethically minded brands. It’s comprised almost entirely of fine jewelry styles.

Sea Anemone ring, $5,320; Kimberlin Brown x Fashionkind

Diamond Capstone pendant, $3,000; Tejen x Fashionkind 

Still Lily solitaire ring, $3,150; Dana Bronfman x Fashionkind 


Designer brands Sandy Leong, Lola Fenhirst, Dana Bronfman, Tejen, and Kimberlin Brown created multiple fine jewelry pieces exclusively for the capsule collection, which is available for preorder through August 14.

The primarily yellow gold pieces are geared to an affluent buyer; lower-priced pieces hover around $3,000 and a pair of Lola Fenhirst diamond drop earrings will set you back $18,800.

The capsule collection looks to be Fashionkind’s first of many forays into fine jewelry. The site will launch a special section for high-end baubles, called the Fine Jewelry Vault, in September.

(Top: Oversized Oculus Pyramid ring, $5,350; Dana Bronfman x Fashionkind)

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  1. Does anyone have any hard data yet on how much online “fashion influencers” actually influence the habits of the people who actually buy jewelry?

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