Emerson Family Acquires Van Craeynest

The Emerson family of Redlands, Calif., has purchased the jewelry manufacturer Van Craeynest, which specializes in vintage Victorian jewelry.

Founded by Roger J. Van Craeynest, the manufacturing company has produced handcrafted and Art Deco pieces for the past 86 years.

The Emerson family, headed by patriarch Paul Emerson II, now owns the Van Craeynest studio workshop, including the factory and manufacturing facility, located in San Francisco. Emerson’s son manages the factory, while his daughter provides accounting services and his son-in-law directs marketing.

“I’m so grateful to my children for their efforts and the resulting success in expanding the Van Craeynest legacy,” Emerson said in a statement. “What an honor it is to breathe life into such a cornerstone of San Francisco’s Victorian history and an American jewelry icon. We are humbled and honored to be the keepers of the Van Craeynest history and future.”