EGL USA to offer rough diamond course

European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) USA will offer what it says is the first rough diamond course to be sponsored by a U.S. gemological laboratory. The four-day course, to be given in New York City from June 24 to June 27, is entitled “The Morphology, Crystallography and Evaluation of Rough Diamonds.” EGL USA’s Mineralogist and Rough Diamond Specialist, Elena Semenets, M.Sc., CGmA, FGA, will teach the course.

The Rough Diamond Course will comprise study of diamond geology and indicator minerals for mining purposes; typomorphic features (origin of rough diamonds); crystallography (the study of atomic structure); and morphology (the study of shape and surface features), based on the work of Russian mineralogist Orlov, who created the system to type diamonds by their external features. Two days of the course will be dedicated to practical study, including grading, evaluating, and pricing rough diamonds. No previous gemology background is required.

EGL USA is the only U.S. laboratory to grade rough diamonds. According to Director Mark Gershburg, “the Rough Diamond Course was created primarily because today diamond dealers have more access to rough diamonds and they have been asking us for information. The increase in global diamond prospecting as well as new treatments have also generated more interest in rough than ever before.”

The cost for the four-day course is $1,500, and it will take place in midtown Manhattan. Enrollment is limited.

Ms. Semenets is an authority on the grading and classification of rough diamonds who oversees EGL USA’s Mineralogical & Rough Diamond Research. She studied at St. Petersburg State University and has worked as a consultant for the Ekati Diamond Mine in Canada. She is currently translating into English from Russian the Morphology of Diamond Indicator Minerals by Valentin Afanasiev, which will be published by EGL USA Press later this year. Last month, Ms. Semenets lectured on rough diamonds at the New York Diamond Dealers Club.

For more information, contact Elena Semenets or Branko Deljanin at EGL USA at 212-730-7380, Ext. 205 or by e-mail