EGL USA publishes retailer guide to lab-created diamonds

The Research Department of EGL USA has published a trade booklet titled Laboratory Created Diamonds: Guide to Growth Technology and Identification of HPHT & CVD Diamonds. The 39-page booklet, with color illustrations and photographs of synthetic diamonds under magnification, was written by EGL USA Senior Gemologist Sharrie Woodring, G.G., FGA, and Branko Deljanin, G.G., FGA, Director of EGL USA’s Canadian Operations.

The booklet offers new independent research on the latest colors being produced by the High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) method and technologies regarding the identification of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) grown diamonds. The EGL USA research was in collaboration with many prominent international gem laboratories, universities, and other scientific organizations.

The booklet is divided into two parts: Background and Identification. Part I contains a history of diamond making, using both the HPHT and CVD methods. A section on the four diamond types (Ia, IIa, Ib, and IIb) illustrates each type’s characteristics. A chapter on the “Color Treatments of Diamonds” was included because lab-created diamonds can be further processed after they are grown to produce a wider variety of colors.

Part II of the Guide illustrates and describes characteristics of HPHT and CVD-grown diamonds detectable with both standard and advanced gemological equipment. It offers a step-by-step procedure for retailers to distinguish natural diamonds from synthetic diamonds.

In addition to Woodring and Deljanin, the EGL USA research team contributed to the booklet. The Guide to lab-created diamonds is available to the trade for a wholesale price of $10 ($15 CAN). Quantity discounts are available upon request. For information in the U.S., contact Sharrie Woodring, EGL USA, 6 West 48th Street, NY, NY 10036; 212-730-7380 Ext. 205; or in Canada contact Rebecca Brinkhaus, European Gemological Laboratory, a member of The EGL USA Group, 456-409 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, V6C 1T2, 604-630-0464 Ext 201.