Easy to Navigate is Easier Said than Done

Whether we are referring to a layout of a physical store or a web site, easy navigation is highly desirable. How you plan for your store’s customers to navigate your store or web site is very important. Here are some questions to consider regarding navigation.

What does it mean to have a store or web site that is easy to navigate?

When your customers first enter your store what direction are they typically take?

How do you anticipate what direction your shoppers will go once they enter your store?

Do you have a museum display just inside the front door or an easel with printed materials?

What items do you prefer to display in the cases that are most available for shopper to stop at?

What sort of different areas/rooms/boutique displays does your store offer shoppers?

How are these special areas identified with signage?

What sort of pricing information do your products offer shoppers?

Can shoppers walk all the way around any displays and get a 360 degree view of the products?

How do you make your jewelry store look and feel different from every other department store, chain store and jewelry store?

Are you using your wall space with effective and easy to use wall displays?

Do you strictly sell from behind the counter or do you facilitate a side by side partnership with store customers?

Do you make sure when you set a display case with jewelry fixtures and product so that the sales associates can easily navigate throughout the inventory to bring out products for shoppers to try on and personally inspect?

Do you use web metrics to identify what pages of your web site might not be easy to navigate and lack the necessary traction to keep web visitors engaged? What pages have the highest incidence of web visitors leaving the site?

In web design it is just as important to anticipate the interests of visitors as it is when designing a store layout. In web marketing it is called being intuitive . . . correctly anticipating the interests of shoppers. Knowing where you want to end up is an important consideration when planning navigation. Poor navigation can lead to shoppers who say they are just looking, web shoppers that abandon shopping carts and items sales associates prefer not to present to shoppers because they are just too difficult to reach in the display case. Good managers navigate these sorts of issues through good planning before these issues become problems or create barriers for their jewelry company.

Feel free to leave me a comment regarding what navigation means to your store and your own approach to managing the business.

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