Earrings – Length & Width

Caroline: I have always known that earrings can pick up a mood and it’s now nice to know they can also mask the effects of aging – multi-purpose jewels!Let’s tackle a less-exciting subject – but an important one – what earrings can do for drooping and sagging features.
Cynthia: One solution is to wear earrings that provide coverage starting on and covering the earlobes, rather than hanging from a wire below them. The earrings can extend downward into that prime real estate between the earlobes and the jawline. Keeping the earrings above the jawline and extending up onto the ears helps keep the eye focused upward. 
Caroline: Which leaves out the French wires, of course.
Cynthia:  That’s right. By the way, hoop earrings and large fishermen’s hooks are not as problematic as those thin wires because they are thicker and draw attention all the way up to the earlobe.
Caroline: It would seem that in some cases, bringing up earrings that dangle to sit on the ear is an easy way for a jeweler to fix this problem for his customers. That solution requires a bench jeweler, not a new pair of earrings.
Cynthia: That’s an excellent idea.
Caroline: Also let’s not forget about earring “jackets” that might give more width and depth to a stud earring. An add-on purchase instead of an entirely new pair of earrings.
Cynthia: In a way, it’s almost like a mini face lift via simple adjustment of earrings.
Caroline: The plastic surgeons won’t like that one!
Cynthia:  lol! Nevertheless, I think that earrings jackets are a great way to add size and dimensionality to stud earrings, and keep the viewers’ eyes up.
Caroline: What about when a customer hates her ears because they stick out? I’m sure the right earrings can help!
Cynthia: This is another area for consideration… whether the customer’s ears lay relatively flat against her head. For ears that extend out from the head, wider earrings are a great choice. Thin, linear earrings, like stiletto-style earrings, by contrast make the ears seem wider.
Caroline: I can see how thin lines below the ears would make them seem even wider.
Cynthia: That same rule applies to wide faces. Very narrow earrings of any length along the sides of the face make it seem wider than it is.
Caroline: Those are interesting points about the width of earrings. We did talk about length before…..can you recap?
Cynthia: Some key points are to remember that earrings that stop at the jawline emphasize the jawline, and earrings that extend down below the jawline emphasize the neck. It’s all a matter of what the wearer wants to emphasize. Shorter earrings generally work for everyone. But don’t forget that the width of the earrings is important too!

Today’s Jewel

More about earrings – some really great information for all your customers that need a bit of help with their choice of earrings.

Try to discuss a bit with each customer about how the eye follows the earrings – then ask where they’d like someone’s eye to focus. Is it at the ears? At the jawline? At the neck? At the top of the shoulder? Have your customer consider this and then find the right earrings for her.