DTC urges jewelers and consumers to ‘celebrate her’ this holiday season

J. Walter Thompson (JWT) has designed a fourth-quarter communications program on behalf of the Diamond Trading Company titled “Celebrate Her.” The 2003 holiday campaign includes a variety of advertising, marketing, and public relations activities featuring three-stone diamond jewelry, solitaire diamonds, and the diamond right-hand ring to motivate men to purchase diamond jewelry this holiday season.

“Our research has shown that while consumer confidence and spending is on the rise, Americans are still feeling somewhat deflated from the unstable geo-political climate and economy that has plagued the U.S. since post-Iraq. However, it remains clear that what is most relevant to consumers during these times of upheaval is their relationships and his unyielding love and appreciation ‘for her,’ which is paid homage to within the ‘Celebrate Her’ campaign that showcases diamonds as the gift to express what she means to you,” said Richard Lennox, director-in-charge of the diamond group at J. Walter Thompson.

Translating the “Celebrate Her” theme throughout all levels of communication, J. Walter Thompson has developed an assortment of new “Seize the Day” print advertising copy lines and thirty-second television commercial entitled ‘Faces.’

The campaign includes the following:

* Fifteen “Seize the Day” print advertisements designed to call men to action and point them in the right direction (all reflecting the ‘Celebrate Her’ theme) will begin appearing in newspapers in the top 13 media markets throughout the United States on Nov. 1 and will run through the end of the year and in 15 male-targeted magazines. The ads will feature Three-Stone Earrings & Pendants, Diamond Stud Earrings, Diamond Solitaire Necklaces and Diamond Right Hand Rings. Print advertisements will include lines like, “God Created Woman. Then After Several Million Years of Practice, He Created Yours,” “You Got Her, She Got You. You Might Want to Do Something Before That Sinks In.”

* DTC’s new television commercial, “Faces,” is being developed by J. Walter Thompson to run at the core of all 2003 holiday communications initiatives. The ads will begin to air on television networks nationwide on Thanksgiving Day.

* Launched earlier this year, DTC’s Diamond Right Hand Ring campaign will continue to run throughout the holiday season.

* DTC will continue the “Countdown to Christmas” campaign launched last year. The newspaper countdown, which calls men to action in the final week before Christmas where an estimated 30% of diamond jewelry holiday sales occur will make a return this year. The ads will appear on Dec. 19 and run through Dec. 23.

* Retailers and manufacturers are also encouraged to take advantage of the Design Gallery located at www.adiamondisforever.com. The Design Gallery is an environment where consumers can interactively experience diamond jewelry designs from the nation’s leading manufacturers and find out where to buy them by clicking through to the built-in retail locator on the manufacturer’s Web site. Manufacturers and retailers interested in becoming part of this program, which is driving affluent women of all ages online looking for ideas as to their next diamond jewelry purchase, should contact the Diamond Promotion Service at 1-800-370-6789.

* In an effort to assist the trade in creating their own, effective sales and marketing programs this holiday season, the Diamond Promotion Service has developed marketing materials synergistic with the “Celebrate Her” theme. Arriving via direct mail to retailers nationwide are free ad slicks and counter cards, which retailers can use in order to drive traffic into their stores during the holiday sales period. The Diamond Promotion Service is also offering retailers free, downloadable photography, ad slicks, and advertising copy lines, on its trade Web site, a href=”http://www.dps.org”>www.dps.org.

* The Diamond Information Center is already underway with a fully integrated, exciting public relations campaign, encouraging consumers to purchase diamonds this holiday season. The holiday program began in July with a long lead editor event that showcased the hottest new trends in diamond jewelry for the holiday season. The Diamond Information Center has also created its first holiday press kit to be distributed to the top 250 newspapers around the country.

* DIC will organize two satellite media tours, a radio media tour, as well as various targeted in market television appearances around the country highlighting the “Celebrate Her” campaign this holiday season.