DTC to roll out its ‘Forevermark’ to new markets

The DTC is developing plans to launch the “Forevermark” in Japan, China, India, and the Gulf region by the end of 2006, it said in a release. This expansion of this program followed the successful pilot of the Forevermark in Hong Kong.

The DTC Forevermark represents a trail of assurance from the DTC to its clients and their customers that guarantees the diamond being purchased is genuine, natural, has been supplied by the DTC, and has not been altered or treated by any artificial means.

Every DTC Forevermark diamond is inscribed on the table with the Forevermark icon and an individual serial number.

The Forevermark inscription is 1/20th of a micron deep (1/500th the thickness of a human hair) and can be seen using a proprietary Forevermark viewer. Each diamond inscribed with the Forevermark is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, representing the DTC’s commitment that the diamond has been sourced and crafted in an ethically, socially, and environmentally responsible way.

The Hong Kong pilot was launched in September 2004. Nine DTC sightholders and chosen retail partners, were authorized to use the Forevermark on the basis that they satisfied certain core, objective participation criteria. Demand for the Forevermark over the past 12 months was described the company as “buoyant.” The program is being expanded in November to other Hong Kong sightholders and their retail partners.

The DTC said it is encouraged by the experience of the Forevermark pilot in Hong Kong and, as announced earlier this year, aims to make the Forevermark increasingly available to sightholders while ensuring that the project remains a sustainable business model going forward.

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