DTC to outline SoC Process to Non-Sightholders

The Diamond Trading Co. will hold a series of presentations to non-sightholders in Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Johannesburg, Toronto, Hong Kong, and Mumbai to provide background about the DTC, the application process, and criteria for the new 2008 contract period and the opportunities and responsibilities of being a DTC sightholder.

“We have to continue to drive consumer demand for diamond jewelry around the world,” said Varda Shine, DTC managing director. “Critical to our success is the success of our sightholders. For the 2008 contract period, we will be looking for partners that can demonstrate they are world class businesses and can perform to the highest standards of ethical business practice. In order to achieve this, two fundamental elements will be at the heart of Supplier of Choice for 2008 and beyond: world-class business excellence and partnership.

Shine added, “We will be looking to partner with those businesses who demonstrate excellence in the goods they produce and in their ability to market these to their customers. Partnership and shared responsibility will be the key for achieving success for our sightholders, our producer partners and for the DTC.”

The dates and location of the presentations are as follows:

Feb. 26 in Antwerp
March 1 in Tel Aviv
March 8 in Johannesburg
March 22 in Toronto
March 27 in Hong Kong
March 29 in Mumbai