DTC releases online directory of sightholders

The Diamond Trading Company, the sales and marketing arm of the De Beers Group, has released its online directory of the 93 DTC sightholders and their associated companies to the public.

The Online Directory can be accessed through the DTC’s Web site at www.dtc.com/sightholder

The online directory provides the diamond industry with the details of more than 600 diamond companies spanning all stages of the diamond pipeline from rough preparer, to jewelry manufacturer, to retailer, located in 34 countries across all 5 continents.

The Web site contains information about each sightholders, including company descriptions, worldwide operations, the rough and polished goods they deal in, their involvement in consumer-focused marketing initiatives, and any additional services they provide.

The online directory also provides details of over 500 sightholder associated companies, including a direct link to the companies’ Web sites.

Through its advanced search capabilities, diamantaires can learn more about the DTC sightholders and the goods and services they can provide, including “Value Added Services, which were developed by the DTC to encourage and support entrepreneurial diamond jewelry businesses. VAS includes reliable and consistent diamond assortments and local market knowledge of consumers’ diamond needs.