DTC begins providing ‘Value Added Services’ for sightholders

The Diamond Trading Company, the sales and marketing arm of The De Beers Group of Companies, today confirmed the start of the roll-out process of Value Added Services to its sightholders.

Following the completion of the Supplier of Choice application process, sightholders have received a detailed guide to the Value Added Services on offer from the beginning of the new contract period starting on July 7.

Value Added Services consists of “Core Services” and “Growth Services.”

Core Services are a set of supply planning tools provided to all sightholders aimed at maximizing the value of each client’s core business. These services are considered by the DTC to be integral to the operation of Supplier of Choice. Sightholders are charged a fee for this service. Also connected under the “Core Services” heading, though non-chargeable, are a number of business sustainability measures such as generic demand generation and consumer confidence programs.

Growth Services are a set of tools for growth and business development that are available to interested Sightholders on request. These include local market knowledge and opportunity seminars, generic advertising and marketing material, and business excellence seminars.

During July and August, sightholders will be discussing their service requirements with “Key Account Managers” who will then develop a service plan for each sightholder.