DTC Awards Accredited Business Status

The Diamond Trading Company on Wednesday said that four world class diamantaires have joined the new DTC Accredited Business Programme.

To achieve accredited status, the four companies—Livingstones, Premier Diamond Cutting Ltd, Richold SA, and Shree Ramkrishna Export—met the same De Beers Best Practice Principles requirements as DTC sightholders—meaning “they have demonstrated a commitment to adhere to business, social and environmental best practice encapsulated in the BPPs and agreed to participate in the associated Assurance Programme, which incorporates independent, third party verification of their compliance,” De Beers said in a statement.

“The four companies joining our Accredited Business Programme are all world class diamantaires and we are proud to publicly endorse them as outstanding businesses that have committed to high standards of ethical and professional behaviour,” said Mahiar Borhanjoo, DTC sales and client services director. “When the DTC completed the sightholders assessment process in 2008, we made it clear that there were a number of very strong applicants that did not qualify for supply because we did not have enough forecast availability. These four companies have been DTC customers of good standing over many years and we are pleased to be able to maintain and build upon our relationships with them.”

Members of the program receive support from the DTC and can promote their participation in the program status in their diamond business activities.