DPS, Spot Runner Offering Custom TV Ad Programs for Jewelers

The Diamond Promotion Service has teamed with Spot Runner Inc., an Internet-based ad agency in Los Angeles, to help diamond jewelry retailers and manufacturers create customized and cost-effective local television advertising campaigns. The commercials in the program, ready for use now, are designed to complement DPS’s national “A Diamond Is Forever” marketing initiatives.

Under the alliance, DPS and Spot Runner provide diamond jewelry retailers and manufacturers in the United States with access to Spot Runner’s TV commercial production, media planning, and media buying services.  Through the agency’s web interface, jewelers can customize a professionally-produced television ad and launch a TV campaign on various networks such as Bravo, A&E, Travel Channel, Oxygen, HGTV, and The Learning Channel. Prices start at approximately $1,500. 

“There is really no better way to sell diamonds than to appeal to a customer’s emotions, and TV advertising is the most powerful way to do that—but until now, it has been difficult and cost-prohibitive for many local jewelers to produce their own television commercials,” said Cristina Lilly, core program director at DPS.
DPS and Spot Runner have established a co-branded online portal containing a diverse library of diamond jewelry TV ads. Retailers can select a commercial, customize it with their business information, and plan a cost-effective, targeted TV advertising campaign.  Ads currently available for purchase promote three DPS campaigns—“Past, Present and Future,” “Journey Diamond Jewelry,” and “Christmas 2006.” All are based on the “A Diamond Is Forever” theme.  More ads will be added to the library in 2007.

Retailers can use Spot Runner’s proprietary media planning engine to reach both their target markets and target demographics. Once the client approves the campaign, Spot Runner secures the air time and places the ad on air within approximately two weeks. After completion of the campaign, Spot Runner provides a detailed report showing where and when the commercial ran.
Jewelry manufacturers can also work with Spot Runner to create customized spots featuring their products, and make those spots available exclusively to their retail customers.

For information, log onto www.spotrunner.com/dps.

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