Doing PR With Santa

I get a lot of press releases. I mean, my-inbox-currently-has-6,000+-messages lot of press releases. It isn’t often that I receive one that makes me stop, pause and giggle. Yesterday, I did and I wanted to share. Not only because it is pretty funny in this age of sometimes-absurd celebrity endorsements, but also because it is the perfect example on how to clear through the information clutter that buries so many editors (and jewelry consumers); how to think creatively to get your brand noticed.

So, the press release came from Icelink watchs. The title: “Santa Claus Becomes the Exclusive Ambassador of Icelink”.

Of course, I had to read further: 
“Starting this year Santa Claus will fly back and forth across the skies of all the continents with the 6Timezone Santa Snow watch on his wrist. Thanks to its six time zones he will be able to organize his rounds efficiently and be sure of never being late. Andy Sogoyan, founder and creator of the brand, said that he was especially proud of having succeeded in convincing this living myth: ‘Entrusting the task of transporting our image to the man who brings such happiness to people all over the world in less than 24 hours was a decision that just seemed to come naturally. Besides, he often comes to California after making his rounds to rest in the sun and go surfing. We met last year in Venice Beach.’”

So what is Icelink doing to celebrate this huge new endorsement? Why, introduce a new watch, of course. And, thus the point of the press release: the new 6Timezone Santa, featuring rubies instead of diamonds. Next time I have a photo shoot and need a watch? I will remember Icelink. They thought creatively and they have now etched themselved into my memory… And, thus, the point of marketing and public relations efforts. 


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