Do The Outsides of Your Packages Match the Insides?

by Caroline Stanley

In our new book, we talk a lot about building a jewelry wardrobe. To get to the point that each customer has a working jewelry wardrobe, they must first shop — hopefully with a jeweler.

There, they can choose jewelry that looks great, fits great and probably shows a bit of their inside personality on the outside, through jewelry.

Packaging, boxes, gift-wrap, etc. is a similar item, showing your customers a bit about your store through a simple gift wrapped box. We all know the Tiffany box, one of the more outstandingly recognizable jewelry packages. It’s appropriately on the front of their website.

I was hit with a bit of great packaging last week as I went to pick up new glasses. I don’t have to wear them all the time, but while driving is helpful, so I went ahead and purchased glasses that had magnetic shades that attach/detach to wear with them.

When I went to pick them up, I was knocked out by the packaging.

Elaborate packaging, likely a bit costly, on a $250 purchase. Interesting. It immediately re-affirmed my purchase by giving me something extra for nothing extra (in dollars). Of course, I will absolutely confirm that it’s non-practical packaging — I certainly won’t be carrying it around as I would a regular eyeglass case. 

Shopping Summary:
New glasses: $250
Elaborate Packaging: $0 (to customer)
Customer Reaction: Priceless

Today’s Jewel
Are your customers knocked out when they pick up their new item? Especially if it’s a pricey one? Are you giving her an extra case and jewelry cleaner? Pretend you’re a customer and picking up your new purchase (yes, stand on the OTHER side of the counter). Are you knocked out? You should be.

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