Do Talk to Strangers . . . Digitally

When we were children our parents would preach to us not to talk to strangers. Today the dynamics of digitally communicating with one another has turned that approach on its head as we have entered a world where we are now very comfortable talking to strangers. There are many more relationships being created and maintained online today than in our more traditional face to face encounters.  

To see how much things have changed; we need look no further than the way homes are designed today. Houses used to be built with large front porches so neighbors could easily converse with one another. Now homes are built like fortresses to the outside world with automatic garage door openers so residents don’t even have to stop in the front of their house. And homes have become custom designed cocoons of luxury with all the bells and whistles of technology and creature comforts. At the same time there is a great paradox occurring. While we exhibit a preference for the safety and comfort of our home, many of us also have a flare for a new kind of digital danger that gets us out of our homes even though we never leave the premises.

The Internet, mobility and social networking allow us to create and maintain relationships formed online in the digital space rather than being formed in the physical space. The days of relying on socialization by conversing with the neighbors is now quickly being replaced with a few strokes and a screen name. While younger people have been much more inclined to engage in sort of online behavior, the fastest growing segments are now older people. As our behaviors change jewelry marketers would be very well served to begin the process of becoming experts in creating and maintaining customer relationships digitally. It is the preferred means for many folks to source the news, stay in touch with family and friends, find new products and services and even find a job and create new relationships.

All jewelry marketers who do learn how to talk to strangers more effectively through these new mediums will have a competitive advantage. More and more consumers are become increasingly comfortable with the convenience, reliability, expanded selection and savings in time of marketing programs offered through the Internet.  The day of the great digital divide in the jewelry industry is nearly here so now is the time to learn how to talk to tomorrow’s customers and more effectively maintain relationships with customers.  Learn to use digital technologies to make your jewelry marketing communication messages and programs more relevant and more available to more customers . . . and in the process talk to more strangers into becoming loyal customers. 

Here is one example of how to leverage digital technology. Take those cards and letters sent to you from all of those elated customers and post them on your web site. This is a quick and easy way to convert traditional testimonials into word of mouth marketing references. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to believe the opinion of someone they find to be credible online rather than someone in their own group of family and friends. It is truly a sign of how things are changing. So create a presence online that transform you from jewelry retailer or supplier to trusted jewelry consultant. Turn those strangers into loyal customers using digital technology and relational marketing strategies.


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