Déjà Venue: Beyoncé Copies our JCKstyle

Last weekend, my little cousins insisted I watch their favorite MTV music video – Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” (why has Beyoncé been in my last two blog posts?).

A. It’s not a terrible song. B. The house in the video looked so familiar…was it…could it be…it looked like the location where we shot the cover and fashion spread for the last JCKstyle! A quick e-mail to Carrie and Todd confirmed that it was, in fact, the same place- gorgeous Greystone Court mansion in Yonkers.

I was instantly brought back to one of my craziest days at JCK. While shooting, it started to thunder and lightening (perfectly befitting the haunted-feeling house and the vampy mood of the shoot) and the power went out. Not ideal when you’re working with valuable jewelry, walking over loose floorboards, and dependent on electricity. After we’d finished freaking out, the owner provided us with a generator, and that is how we pulled off the shot- one of my favorites- on page 84 of the Fall/Winter issue of JCKstyle.

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