DisKonnect: We Need High Resolution Images of Your Jewelry!

It’s descended: show time. Less than a week after returning from Vicenza, I headed to the Javits center for JA NY. Something about spending so much time cavernous, windowless convention centers affects a person; in my case, I developed a small obsession (that I discussed with anyone who would listen): press kits.

I am often asked by designers- especially at shows- how they can get more editorial coverage in the magazine. Of course, the first rule is to put out new and notable product, but there are also other things that can help, the most simple and formulaic of which is the press kit.

Companies fill their press kits with photocopies of other articles about their jewelry, printouts of images, and tear sheets of ads, but there is one item that increases the possibility of placement WAY above all others: a CD with high resolution (300 dpi, at least 3 x 5 inches; memorize these parameters; they’ve been cemented in my mind by our art department) digital images of the product. For me, press kits with this CD go into one pile- “the go-to pile,” I fondly call it- while press kits without them go into another pile (which sometimes sits in my trash can). Editor Jen Heebner feels the same way. She’ll tell those interested in press that, when considering companies to include in the magazine, she often looks through press kits for CDs with hi-res images and throws out everything else.

I won’t go into the finer details of press kit etiquette, but I make this main point because I found that, somewhat surprisingly, while almost all the Vicenza vendors I visited had a neatly packaged and CD carrying press kit (yeah!), only three or four JA vendors did. I’m not sure why the difference- perhaps because closer companies figure I can e-mail for images. And yes, I can, and I sometimes do, but companies should know that I/editors are much more likely to include jewelry when its hi-res image is at our fingertips.

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