Disclosure of Colombian Emerald Nondisclosure

In an online feature story for the New York based business and financial news Bloomberg.com, Colombia-based reporter Helen Murphy points fingers at nondisclosure of emerald enhancements in “Colombia’s Emerald Tricksters Tarnish Image for High-Grade Gems.”

Pointing out the well-known emerald enhancement tradition, Murphy notes a lack of enhancement information given by Colombian emerald suppliers. “Stones from the Boyaca mountains where Lozano works helped Colombia build its reputation as the source of some of the world’s finest emeralds. That image may be at risk as jewelers and traders use undisclosed materials to disguise natural flaws in the stones. The industry and the government are planning to bring greater transparency to the market and certify gems.”

The story continues, “ ‘The planned laboratory will do little to stamp out the doctoring of stones,’ said Edwin Molina, 27, who helps run Coexminas SA, the Bogota-based company that owns the Puerto Arturo mine. ‘What’s the point of issuing a certificate providing information on the fillers if the next day they can be treated with something else?’ Molina said.”

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