Diamonds by JCK attracts 210 exhibitors

The inaugural Diamonds by JCK 2004 flooded Pier 94 with glitz and glitter this past Sunday and Monday. Designers, wholesalers, diamond jewelry manufacturers, retailers, and appraisers arrived to find more than 210 exhibitors showcasing loose diamonds from around the world.

This opening event, which was born from industry demand to create a more solidified and visible presence for the diamond industry, was an impressive success and let many wanting more, said representatives of The JCK Shows, which organized the event. Attending buyers from both the Tri-state area and from across the country were provided with opportunities to buy from some of the industry leaders and to network and learn from them as well.

The event kicked off with an educational “How-To” training program, which armed participants with a solid base of facts and techniques for purchasing diamonds at shows. Attendees packed the room to find out how to not only utilize their time spent on the show floor effectively, but to come out with the best diamond quality for their needs. This unique ‘Hands-On’ program, developed in conjunction with The Rapaport Group, gave timely information in an effective format much to the delight of attendees who were seeking usable insights. Sessions included “Buying Diamonds Effectively at Trade Shows,” “Selecting Fancy-Shaped Diamonds,” Selecting Enhanced (HPHT) Diamonds,” and “Selecting Natural Fancy Color Diamonds.”

One of the many contingents to support the show was The Israel Diamond Institute (IDI) which sponsored Sunday evening’s Welcome Cocktail Reception, where show participants were invited for cocktails to wrap up their days networking in an incredibly chic and relaxed lounge reflecting the upscale and overall welcoming ambiance of the show.

Shmuel Schnitzer, president of the Israel Diamond Exchange and president of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses welcomed the crowd on Sunday evening and comment: “The first diamond-only show has been born and has resulted in success in both sales and networking. A great part of our client base had specifically expressed interest in participating in a niche Show just like this – finding it more comfortable in comparison to larger broader-based Shows. There is a sense of satisfaction among exhibitors with a positive expectation for years to come.”

The 2005 edition of Diamonds by JCK, is scheduled for Oct. 9 and 10.