Diamonds and Denim

Cynthia:  Last time you mentioned that you prefer platinum and other white metal jewelry, but I don’t think all pieces in white metal necessarily work well together. Do you find that you wear several items together in “outfits” or do you mix and match absolutely everything in your jewelry wardrobe?
Caroline: Actually I do both; if I don’t think about it too much, I usually go with an outfit I’ve worn before. If I have more time, sometimes I’ll piece together a new group of jewelry that particularly fits a clothing outfit. I love the concept of having various outfits in a jewelry wardrobe and creating new ones all the time.
Cynthia:  I take that approach with my jewelry, too. How do you decide what works together as an outfit?
Caroline: For me, I think a good outfit of jewelry boils down to wearing what one is comfortable in and what’s appealing at that time. Do you have any image consulting advice for those who like to group jewelry together?
Cynthia : Personality is paramount, of course, but, for a pulled-together look, there should be some harmony in the items chosen to be worn together. Grouping like-colored metals together is a good start. Beyond that, it can be helpful to think about the degree of refinement of clothing and accessories, on a continuum running from homespun, highly textured casual looks to smooth, polished ones. Jewelry generally should match the level of refinement of the clothing it is accessorizing … and vice versa.
Caroline: Still, I think diamonds and denim work just fine!
Cynthia: Diamonds can work with everything!But the style and delicateness of the jewelry is likely to vary, depending upon the clothing with which it’s being worn. For instance, elaborate, delicate chandelier earrings generally won’t look right with casual clothing. However, rough-cut diamonds or sturdier diamond settings might be an interesting and stylish choice for the woman (or man) who lives in denim.
Caroline: Doesn’t that concept depend on the exact clothing? I’ve seen women in blue jeans wearing delicate diamond pendants.
Cynthia:That’s right.Today’s styles often mix delicate, lacy tops with jeans. It’s really those tops that support the more delicate styles of jewelry, not the denim. Chandelier earrings won’t do a THING for denim overalls and a flannel shirt!
Caroline: At the risk of sounding biased, I can’t think of anything that would help out denim overalls and a flannel shirt—not even a signature piece, and I LOVE signature pieces. More on that to come!

Today’s Jewel — Using These Concepts With YOUR Customers
If your customer has questions about what works together and what doesn’t, consider talking with her/him about the ‘degree of refinement’ concept above. It’s an interesting way to look at jewelry and clothing together and might just help your customer dress a bit snazzier or find a hole in his/her jewelry wardrobe that you can help fill!

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