Diamond swallowing thief learns his fate

A Macomb County, Mich., judge sentenced a local man who swallowed a stolen diamond to 18 months of probation and 80 days in jail Monday night, Detroit media sources report.

Randy Griffin , 35, of Algonac, Mich., was convicted of stealing and swallowing two diamonds.

Griffin was accused of walking into the Jewelry Exchange in Roseville on Dec. 30 and stealing two diamonds worth several thousand dollars. Police said that Griffin replaced the diamonds with cubic zirconia, then attempted to leave.

Griffin was jailed and X-rays revealed the presence of a gem-shaped object inside his digestive system. A judge ordered the suspect to take medications to help him pass the evidence. Police monitored Griffin’s stool for signs of the diamond. Prosecutors said that he passed a zirconia on Jan. 14, and a few days later he passed a real diamond.

Griffin has reportedly already served the 80 days in jail.