Diamond Shavings: Your (Pre-Holiday) Web Round-Up

Summing up what I’ve heard about this Christmas, I believe it will turn out a little bit above last year’s.  Which is in line with most predictions, but I am also sensing disappointment – last Christmas was one of the worst in retail history, and while most jewelers were prepared for a flat holiday, some were hoping the industry would be in full recovery mode by now. Instead it looks like a real recovery may not happen until sometime next year. So the sad fact is, this holiday may not be enough to save some people. Still, we may not know how things really turned out until next week – there clearly was a lot of last minute shopping this year, and last weekend’s storms in the Northeast clearly hurt sales.


Business problems aside, I wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.


And here’s the news …


Chatter increases about Zale.


Northeast snowstorm hurts jewelers.

– Weather boosts online sales.


Court orders International Diamond and gold to stop “Going out of business” sales.


Can De Beers really protect Everlon?

– De Beers gets “Art of Precious Diamonds” trademark.


Tiffany makes deal with Gem Diamonds.


RJC announces certification system.

– Group considers certifying chains of custody.

– NGOs criticize new system.


Human Rights Watch writes jewelers about Zimbabwe.


Jewelers Closing:

Loghman in La Jolla, Calif.


Jackson, Missisisipi jeweler shoots self.


Diamond mining stocks attract investors.


Indian businessman caught with diamonds in luggage.


Coordinator of Botswana hub resigns.


Yuval Kemp leaves Dalumi.


New book on fancy colored diamonds..


Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring.

– Kevin Jonas’ bridal jewelry.


Julianne Moore bares all for Bulgari.


Media Watch:

NPR segment on “dirty” diamonds. (via Rapaport)

Edison Sentinel columnist hates diamond commercials.

MarketWatch: Upscale jewelry showing signs of life.

MarketWatch notices falling diamond prices.


From the Blog:

Chatter Increases About Zale.

Can De Beers Really Protect Everlon?


Have a great weekend and holiday…





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