Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup, Week of Sept. 29

This week: Are young diamonds a thing? Millennials don’t care if they sell their engagement rings. And Tiffany reduces its carbon footprint. All below.


“People are desperate”: Puerto Rico’s largest jeweler appeals for help.


Florida jeweler wades into football fracas.


Camelot Bridal plans to cease operations.


David Yurman selling on Mr. Porter.


Seven takeaways on retail’s future.


Lululemon CEO: Retail will survive because people want connections.


Alrosa head: Chinese consumers prefer iPhones over diamonds.


Four out of 10 millennials would sell their engagement rings.


Jewelry overtakes cars as investment prospect.


Will young diamonds shake up the industry?

– Why miners should look into it.


Bloomberg: Diamond industry clinging to old ways.


The world’s largest rough has been sold (finally).


Alrosa unearths 27.85 ct. pink diamond.


Martin Leake is bullish on the industry’s future.


Diamond Foundry sets up factory in fruit warehouse.


CIBJO looking again at diamond nomenclature.


Diamonds, feud destroy Amazon reserve.


Miners seeks to go on strike in Petra mine.


Fear of new diamond rush in Zimbabwe.

– Diamond output levels plummet.


Gold smuggling likely to rise in India.


Exelco seeks bankruptcy protection in the United States.


Tiffany, Costco still arguing in engagement ring case.


Embee Diamonds loses international debt dispute.


Damien Hurst averts lawsuit based on pill jewelry.


Con man took jeweler for $3 million with bogus video claims.


Pure Grown hires Scott Kay, Hearts On Fire veterans.


Blue Nile appoints two new executives.


Retzer joins Color Merchants/Brevani.


Frederick Goldman relocates to New Jersey.


Longtime Kohl’s CEO to retire.


ICA elects new president.


What brides really think of their engagement rings.


Female self-purchase: Bad sign for men?


Wedding ring etiquette at the gym.


Cathy Calhoun’s bank-home to be featured on Netflix.


Beyonce’s diamond ring pays tribute to her children.


MSNBC’s Joy Reid is a big jewelry fan.


Travis Scott drops $500,000 on nine chains.


Kim Kardashian robber sends note begging forgiveness.


Tiffany buys Breakfast at Tiffany’s script.

– Tiffany on path to net-zero carbon footprint.


Tale of how 99-year-old wedding rings were handed down.


Media Watch

The Knot is all about nondiamond engagement rings.


From the Blog

Pay Close Attention to Cartier’s Recent Settlement with OFAC

People Are Desperate”: Puerto Rico’s Largest Jeweler Appeals for Help


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