Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup (Vegas Recovery Edition)

First off, some people said that I was a bit too upbeat in my quick assessment last week of the shows in Vegas.  Clearly, all the shows are becoming more appointment-oriented, even if, as one wise man said, that defeats the purpose of a trade show.


One observation: Diamond people were extremely gloomy, not necessarily about the show, but the business in general. I have never known diamond people to be sparkling rays of sunshine, but this was among the worst I have ever seen.   It really looks like we could see some difficult days ahead.


On that chipper note, here is this week’s web highlights:


Vegas show reports.


– Post-price increase sight reports.


– The low-end industry needs to “redefine itself.”


Media Watch:
-         Daily News article on buying diamonds on-line and “alternative” rings.
-         Newsday/AM New York article on “ethical diamonds.”
-         AP article on women picking out their own engagement rings.
-         Forbes article on overseas demand for jewelry.


De Beers says sales decline, but profits rise.  Among the interesting tidbits: the De Beers retail chain has now made over $100 million. I have no idea if the chain is profitable, but that’s still impressive.

– Full report here.  

– WWD on De Beers’ e-commerce launch; Forbes and Motley Fool on whether it will hurt Blue Nile.


– Further speculation about mining mergers.

– M. Fabrikant and Sons sells assets.


– As a journalist, of course I agree with everything in Chaim’s latest Idex memo.


– De Beers wins one in South Africa.


Analysts on Aber (oops, I mean, Harry Winston.)


– JCK interview with Ed (“Blood Diamond”) Zwick now online.  Also: Global Witness goes after chocolate.

– Bloggery: The Future of Diamond Advertising.


– Finally, very happy trails and best wishes to Laura. You will be missed. Have a good weekend, everyone …

JCK News Director