Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup, Part Two

Continued from Part One …

Media Watch:
Bloomberg on synthetic diamonds and Rapaport diamond futures.
-  Slate isn’t into engagement rings. (My take.)
-    New York Times critic is skeptical about “ethical diamonds.” 
Gawker also skeptical about Vanity Fair (U.K) Africa issue diamond supplement. (For the record, I am surprised that there is no mention of diamonds in the Africa issue, but it’s probably just as well.) 


Chaim at Idex: DTC’s sightholder assessment process “almost guarantees future clashes,” favors liars.


– Varda Shine tells sightholders they all won’t make the cut. (Not a surprise but, as one observer told me, it was a little jarring at what is generally a friendly gathering.) 

Changes at Rio Tinto.


– South African union criticizes “unscrupulous” mining companies.


– De Beers could be questioned about 90s exports.


– Chips may help with stolen jewelry.


– At last! A way to link diamonds and Paris Hilton!


Modern Jeweler’s in touch with the concerns close to every journalist’s heart.

Perhaps I’ll see some of you in my travels. In any case, have a good weekend, my friends


JCK News Director