Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup, Part One


As I mentioned the other day, I will be leaving, right after I post this, on a De Beers-sponsored trip of South Africa and Botswana, along with a variety of other journalists and trades-folk. It will be similar to the trip Russell Simmons went on, except without the youtube videos. From there, I go to the diamond association President’s meeting in Amsterdam. Anyway, provided the technology holds up, I do hope to do at least some overseas blogging, although we will see if I have the time next week to do this round-up. Anyway, as I mentioned, if you have any questions for De Beers, or anything else you want to get off your chest, my email is rbates – at – reedbusiness.com. Or you can always leave a comment below. See ya!  

Also, sorry I had to post this in two parts and any font issues, but, again, there are problems with the blog tool….


And now the news …


Jewelry demand outpaces general luxury demand. Hooray!


De Beers scales back Diamdel. (Press release.)


Botswana now “key decision maker for the industry.”


Former MJSA director (and JCK publisher) Frank Dallahan now at the AGS Lab. Good luck, Frank! Also: Group gets new COO, does strategic review.


Former Zale exec joins Gemesis board.


Jonathan Oppenheimer leaves South Africa. Geez. At least wait for me!


Good article on Warren Buffett and jewelry. (Idex/Gassman)


Part Two is here

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