Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup, Part One

Sorry this is a little late, still recovering from my travels. Hopefully by next week, normal service will be resumed.

Also, I have to do another two parter, thanks to the silly character limit on posts our blog tool imposes. They tell me it’s being lifted, hopefully soon ….


Lawsuit brought in Taub case. 
– List of diamonds on memo
– Check out the two brothers’ my space page!  (UPDATE: Sadly, the myspace page has been deleted. But Rap has the highlights. And this one, listed as “Avi Taub,” still stands.) 
Letter from head of Miami bourse.


Back to the Futures: All of a sudden, everyone loves diamond derivatives. Here are the three plans floating around out there:

– The Rapaport plan. Good summary here. And check him out on CNBC.

- Polishedprices’ plan.

-  Diamond Circle Capital, which Chaim talks up here. Here is info on their IPO. The FT covers them here.
-  More media coverage.


– U.S. jewelry sales in the first quarter struggling.


– Diamdel Israel will not be closed. Also: Des Cavanaugh retires.

Continued on Part Two

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