Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

Over at Polishedprices, they are complaining that there wasn’t a lot of big news this week, and I agree. If you find exciting news, please send it to rbates – at – reedbusiness.com. (By the way, I have gotten some interesting emails about this blog; keep them coming!)

Anyway, this week …

Prices rise at DTC sight.

– Charles Wyndham thinks half of DTC sightholders will be dropped.  (My thoughts.)

– GIA: ABN-AMRO merger could impact industry credit. The latest on the merger: Barclays and ABN are still talking. Citigroup is out, but other suitors may enter the picture. Also, some people think the bank should be broken up. It seems big changes at ABN are inevitable.

– Fifty year member of the DDC, Solomon Gad, dies. Gad and his family were the subject of a big New York Times article many years ago, which I am finding it impossible to link to.

Jewelry crime hits new lows. Hedda is happy.

– Tacori/QVC discussion rages on at other blog.

– Media Watch: New York Times piece on Sierra Leone diggers. My thoughts.

– Chaim on friction in Antwerp.

De Beers: friction with Botswana?

Tiffany’s sales are up, but profits, eh ….

Business Week sees it as a bad sign for retail.
Motley Fool feels ole Tiff’s doing okay.
Ken Gassman breaks it down.

GIA adds clarity on clarity grading. My colleague Gary Roskin notes: “This type of graining is most commonly seen in 20, 30, 40 + carat D, and E, color, high clarity stones.” A specialized audience.

– Jacob the Jeweler to stand trial in Detriot, not New York.

– As Internet competition increases, more retailers likely to cut employees and salaries. (via NRF Smartbrief.)

– When number geeks attack: Polishedprices takes issue with JWT’s market numbers.

Diamond mining starts up in Liberia, despite UN embargo. President not pleased.

– Ontario adds tax to diamond mines. De Beers is not pleasedMore on De Beers Canada.

– If you thought the general idea of turning someone’s ashes into diamonds was weird, this jacks up the creepy factor tenfold.

This week in blogging:
The Times in Sierra Leone.Glad to know Cheryl’s reading.
Gareth = Simon? (And is Varda Paula?)

Enjoy your weekend, and for those who celebrate, happy Passover

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