Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

Before I get to this week’s tidbits, I should note that “Cutting Remarks” now has RSS syndication. I finally feel like a real live blog! Just click the orange button next to the blog title. I attempt to explain RSS as best I can down below. But first, your diamond news, this week …

– Gassman: Diamond jewelry loses market share.(A similar point made here.)

– Has synthetic diamond manufacturer Apollo, which plans to manufacture colorless diamonds – as opposed to the fancy-colored ones the other “cultured” guys are making – finally gotten its act together? Is De Beers planning to go into synthetics? (I think so.) Are some synthetics undetectable? Chaim reports. (UPDATE: Here is GIA’s opinion on this last question.)

– Traffic “light” on Basel’s first day.

– Indian company to open stores in the United States.(Some thoughts.)

Ha’aretz article on the diamond trade and De Beers. It claims Israeli sightholders are worried all the DTC’s best diamonds will go to Africa, and therefore won’t apply for sights. Something tells me DTC executives aren’t too worried about that.

– Zale renegotiates their credit facility.Meanwhile, The New York Times mentions former Zale CEO Mary Forte’s severance package: $7.2 million! Whoa there!

Media Watch:
Now India’s gunning for Antwerp
-Rapaport is planning a diamond futures market. I think I’m getting flashbacks.
-Tiffany gets nice press for a diamond they loaned to the Smithsonian.
-Chinese jewelers hope to spark a “diamonds for men” trend.

Charles vs. Varda. Part 85.

– Last week’s Herald Tribune article on Bulgari remaking itself.

– Grooms only spend one month salary on engagement rings, plus other engagement ring fun facts, from Ken Gassman.

– How luxury goods should advertise differently online, like no banner ads. Except on JCKonline. Then banner ads are great. (Via Smartbrief.)

-P Diddy’s giving his newborn children diamond earrings. I have a friends in their 40s who don’t have diamond earrings.

Another Indian company goes into U.S. retail.
Only in the diamond industry

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And enjoy your weekend.

JCK News Director